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Europe’s diversity shown in reports

Monday to Friday at 7:40 p.m. and in the arte media library

arteRe: is an authentic format which places people in its focus and lets viewers to experience Europe’s diversity. Always at close quarters with the camera, the narrative is real and direct.

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sagamedia - reports - artere: - pigeons - spreaders of disease or racehorses of the air


Pigeons – spreaders of disease or racehorses of the air

Formerly a working class hobby, today a lucrative business as well: pigeon breeding. Frederik Leliaert works at an auction house and ships the birds worldwide. One of the birds just brought in 1.6 million euros. Gwendolin Wonneberger fights for every euro to support the Cologne-based pigeon rescue charity “Taubenhilfe” and takes care of city’s injured and sick pigeons. A film that will change the way you look at pigeons.

First aired on: 14/09/2021

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sagamedia - reports - artere: - street vendors in barcelona


Street vendors in Barcelona – tolerated but hunted

In summer, when the tourists come, you see them almost everywhere: the street vendors of Barcelona. There is said to be some 800 to 900 by now, but no one knows for sure. For most, selling counterfeit branded goods is their only chance of making a living. However, many locals feel threatened and are protesting against it. The atmosphere on Barcelona’s streets is explosive.

First aired on: 11/09/2019

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