Our major special programmes

Documenting the flashpoints in our lives, extended monitoring, special interest topics and major moments in events require special care and commitment.

sagamedia - special programmes - motion picture on the road. help with depression.

On the Road – Help with depression

Awareness documentary on behalf of AOK and German Depression League
Five young people take a trip through Germany together. They want to find out more about depression.

sagamedia - special programmes - wdr - we're off camping! Our best for 2022

We’re off camping! Our best for 2022

WDR Travel Report
In “We’re off camping!” we follow families and couples who dare to embark on a camper’s life and want to fulfil their dream.

sagamedia - special programmes - wdr - who is buying what in nrw?

Who is buying what in NRW?

WDR Trend Documentary
Anna Planken and Daniel Assmann reveal what we spent our money on in 2021. The two set out on a detective tour through North Rhine-Westphalia.

sagamedia - special programmes - vox - we're getting big now - the wonderful world of children

The wonderful world of children

VOX has been following eleven children and their families up close since 2015. In a long-term project which is unique in Germany, they show us what it really means to grow up.

sagamedia - special programmes - 25 years of the chocolate museum in cologne

25 years of the Chocolate Museum in Cologne

Commissioned production
Without Hans Imhoff, Cologne would be minus a major attraction today. This is because nobody – except for him – believed that a chocolate museum could be successful, says his daughter.