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We’re getting big now – The world of three year olds

First aired on 24/10/2023 at 8:15 p.m. on VOX

It is a unique documentary on German television: How do three-year-olds discover the world?

“It’s going to be exciting! Because there is actually no age at which more happens than the first three or four years of life!” promise Professor Dr. Sabina Pauen and Professor Dr. Moritz Daum. “What the children learn now will shape them for the whole future.”

The two renowned developmental psychologists came up with the idea for this unusual project: 6 girls and 6 boys conquer an (almost) normal kindergarten on a completely normal weekend. The special feature: the rooms are equipped with cameras that monitor the children’s play without disturbing them.

With how much courage, team spirit and perseverance are they conquering our world? How do they find out who they are? What lies in the genes and what role does upbringing play?

Sabina Pauen from the University of Heidelberg and Moritz Daum from the University of Zurich have been conducting research in the field of developmental psychology for years. They have brought along games and little tests that show what makes children tick at the age of three. Can they resist temptation yet? Helping other people or finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems?